Tuesdays and Fridays (Hindi)

Tuesdays and Fridays (Hindi)
 IMDB Rating:

7.2/10 from 12 votesIMDb




Comedy Musical Romance

 Directed by:

Taranveer Singh





 Story Plot: Varun Sarin is a hot shot writer whose new book is a bestseller and Sia is an upcoming lawyer. Besides being young, good looking and raring to go, the two also share the insecurities that stem from a broken and dysfunctional family. While Sia is still a little more conventional in her outlook, for Varun, all relationships come with an expiry date. So when they meet, sparks fly, but to make it work, they must think of a strategy to combat the regular relationship wear and tear. And thus, begins their plan to be lovers on Tuesdays and Fridays and friends through the rest of the week.
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